How much does the NFL spend on its TV rights?

How much does the NFL spend on its TV rights?

June 17, 2021 Comments Off on How much does the NFL spend on its TV rights? By admin

In 2016, the league spent $12.4 billion on its rights, with $6.6 billion in revenue.

That’s a significant increase over the previous five-year period, when the league only spent $6 billion on the rights.

It’s a notable jump in terms of dollars, with the league spending $3.9 billion in total last season on rights.

That includes a $2.8 billion broadcast rights deal with ESPN that runs through 2019.

The money comes from a three-year agreement with NBC Universal that runs until 2020.

This year, the NFL announced that it plans to extend the contract for another year.

The deal also includes an $8 million per year salary cap.

That means the league will only pay $10 million per season to players who sign new deals this year.

It also means that the average NFL player will earn $10.2 million in 2020, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

That would be a huge boost for the league, which is struggling to attract the highest-paid players.

There are currently 12 NFL players who signed new deals in 2020: Adrian Peterson ($12.9 million), DeMarco Murray ($13.1 million), Jason Witten ($13 million), Robert Woods ($13,749,000), Terrance West ($14.9), Marshawn Lynch ($15.1), Dontari Poe ($16.2), J.J. Watt ($17.3), Eric Decker ($17,974,000) and Greg Olsen ($18.2).

The other nine players who received contracts are Matt Jones ($6.9 Million), Michael Bennett ($6 Million), Javorius Allen ($7 Million), Robert Griffin III ($8.3 Million), James Jones ($9.1 Million), Greg Jennings ($9 Million) and Reggie Wayne ($10 Million).

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