How Samsung is using AI to automate the process of buying an Android phone

How Samsung is using AI to automate the process of buying an Android phone

August 4, 2021 Comments Off on How Samsung is using AI to automate the process of buying an Android phone By admin

article Posted April 11, 2020 09:42:03When you buy an Android device, it is essentially a piece of software that is used to control the phone’s screen, camera, and other functionality.

The device, however, can also be controlled by a third party through apps or a remote command line.

This is how Samsung, one of the largest mobile phone companies in the world, is using artificial intelligence to help automate the purchase process.

The company has recently introduced a new feature to its app store called “Mobile Assist.”

Called “Mobile App Assist,” this feature will automatically perform the following actions when you request a purchase:1.

Find out more about the device and its specifications2.

Set up the purchase to a specific country3.

Buy the device on the Samsung Mobile app store.

This can be done by a remote control, but it is especially useful when buying a device for the first time.

Samsung claims this feature is able to perform tasks like “navigate, navigate, and find a store.”

The company has also made an AI assistant available in the Samsung Pay app for Samsung’s popular mobile payments service.

For example, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8, it can automatically search for a store in the US, select the correct option, and pay for the device.

If you’re a frequent user of Samsung’s Samsung Pay, this will likely come in handy.

It’s not a new service, but Samsung has been making the service available to Samsung users since the Galaxy S7 launched in 2017.

This is something that is important for the company to get right as it moves to its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8.

In the case that you have multiple Samsung phones, you will have to go to Samsung’s website and find the Mobile Assist feature in the app store (it will appear as an “app” button).

Once you do, it will ask you to set up the purchasing process to be automated.

You will then be prompted to enter a number in the box that says “order now.”

When the purchase is completed, Samsung will send a message to the phone requesting payment.

Once the payment is received, you’ll receive a notification that you’ve purchased the phone.

Samsung has also announced a new mobile payment app called “Samsung Pay.”

It allows Samsung users to make payments with a simple tap of their phones’ buttons.

The Samsung Pay mobile payment service is currently available for the Galaxy X9 and Galaxy X10.

The Galaxy S9, the company’s last flagship smartphone launched in 2016, has yet to launch in the United States.

However, Samsung has announced that it plans to roll out the service in the country by the end of March.


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