When Indian government will give Rs 15,000 crore to Gujarat to build highway

When Indian government will give Rs 15,000 crore to Gujarat to build highway

September 1, 2021 Comments Off on When Indian government will give Rs 15,000 crore to Gujarat to build highway By admin

Gujarat, India – In the last two years, the Gujarat government has received over Rs 15.6 billion in funds from the National Development and Reform Fund (NDRF) to build roads, bridges, ports, airports and power lines.

The NDRF has allocated a total of Rs 15 billion for roads, Rs 9.7 billion for bridges, Rs 7.5 billion for ports, and Rs 2.5 bn for airports.

These funds were earmarked for roads in 2015-16 for the construction of road, rail, power, and high-speed rail lines.

In April this year, the state government announced Rs 8.5 crore as a grant to the state highway department for the purpose of upgrading and widening roads in the state.

The funds were handed over to the Gujarat Development Authority (GDA) in May last year.

The state government said the funds were part of a comprehensive infrastructure plan.

“We have been working on these roads for a long time.

It was a strategic project that we have been pursuing for some time now,” Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said on April 30.

“These funds will go to highways, bridges and airports.”

Modi said the money would be used to build highways in the southern and western parts of the state, and build a few more high-tech projects.

“The highway department is now getting funds for roads and infrastructure that is going to be built in the future.

The amount of money that we are receiving is the largest in our history, and we are going to spend it on roads and other infrastructure,” he said.

“We are making roads and airports accessible, and it will give us an edge in the long run.”

Gaurav Jha, director general of the Gujarat Urban Development Corporation (UGDC), told NDTV, “The money is a gift to the government.

It will go towards the construction and upkeep of roads in our state.”

The GDA also said it had not yet received any money from the NDRF.

“There is no funding for any other projects that have been approved by the government,” Gaurav said.

In March, Modi announced the state’s first phase of roads would be completed by December 2019.

In a similar manner, the UGDC also announced a Rs 8,000-crore road construction plan for 2019-20.

“In the next two years the government will build the 1,000 km stretch of roads from Dharwad to Surat, with an additional road of 1,200 km and a road of 600 km, along the route.

The remaining 200 km of roads will be made through private projects,” the UGC said.”

This project is being developed with the cooperation of the private sector,” a spokesperson for the Gujarat state government told NDtv.

“The government is also providing the money to build the first phase.”

According to the GDA, the remaining road projects in Gujarat are being completed.


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