How to tell the difference between the ‘Islamic State’ and the ‘caliphate’

How to tell the difference between the ‘Islamic State’ and the ‘caliphate’

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The Islamic State is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of groups and groups of varying backgrounds, ideologies, and aims.

It is the largest militant group in Iraq, with about 30,000 fighters and affiliates around the world.

It has seized large swathes of territory and is the dominant force in Syria and Iraq, although its fighters have been increasingly targeted by the Iraqi military in recent years.

Here, we examine the different ways that ISIL is perceived and how the group is portrayed by the Western media.


The Islamic “caliphate” This is the group’s official name and has been widely used by its supporters and detractors.

While it is not a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, the group was founded by his followers in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere in the Middle East in the 13th century.

ISIL claims to be a descendant of his, but it is clear that its claim is based on a misinterpretation of the Qur’an.

This misinterpretation was not confined to the Muslim world, either.

While some Muslims believed the Prophet’s name was Muhammad, others believed he was a false prophet who had been killed by a Jewish witch.

In the Middle Ages, many Muslims believed that Jesus was not the Messiah, but rather a false messiah, and Muhammad was an incarnation of him.

This misunderstanding led to the violent actions of the Muslim crusaders against Muslims in the 12th century, and it continued to drive the medieval medieval Muslim world into chaos until the 19th century when the West defeated the invading forces of the Ottoman Turks and established the Ottoman Empire.

While the Islamic State was created as a means of overthrowing the Islamic state and establishing a caliphate, its roots go back far more than that.

In the early years of Islam, the term “caliph” (the leader of the community) referred to the ruler of a specific region.

It was a title that was used to describe a ruler of particular people, like a king or a priest.

However, as the early Muslims grew and developed, so did the idea of a “calad” (leader of the whole world).

In the early centuries of Islam and throughout the early modern period, the concept of a caliph meant someone who was not necessarily from a specific country.

It meant someone from the whole of the world, who was capable of ruling the entire world.

“The caliph” was used as a title by the Muslim people to describe whoever they considered to be the leader of their country.

The caliph was considered the supreme ruler of the entire Muslim community, as opposed to a king, or a religious leader, or the caliph of some particular country.

This title, or title of authority, is referred to as the caliphate in the West.

The Islamic state was created by the Prophet and the early Muslim rulers to be ruled by them, and the Caliphate was not based on the prophet’s words alone.

Imam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, one of the greatest scholars of Islam at the time, was one of those scholars who insisted that the caliphs were not the only leaders of the Muslims, but they were the true leaders of their faith.

A Muslim is considered to have a “legitimate” claim to be “the caliph”, according to Islam, because he or she is the caliver of the faith.

The prophet Muhammad (s) was a legitimate caliph.


The “caliphs” are all men, not women As the title of the calimaretic caliph indicates, the calips are not the ones who decide which people to support and to kill.

This is a clear distinction between the Islamic “state” and the Islamic caliphate.

Islamic law and Islamic jurisprudence teaches that Muslims must accept the authority of their prophet, which includes the rights to own property, the right to own wives, and a certain amount of inheritance.

They are not obliged to accept the legitimacy of any particular person.

Furthermore, the “calimaretics” who have been designated as caliphers are not necessarily the men of the religion.

Many of the early caliphes were women.

Women were not allowed to enter mosques, and they were not supposed to wear the head-covering of the Islamic law, which means the headscarf is a symbol of the subjugation of women and their right to be treated as property.

These are just a few examples of the differences between the calisaretic caliphate and the calitaretic state.


The Muslim caliph is the head of the “house of war” While some caliphas were women, the majority of the first caliphhs were men.

They were called caliphi, which literally means “one of the heads of the house of war”.

In this sense, the first Muslim caliphests are all the heads, not the wives, of the group.


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