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A new way to login to Facebook

October 14, 2021 Comments Off on A new way to login to Facebook By admin

NEW YORK — When you are on the move, you will be able to use your mobile phone to make and receive payments on the social network.

The move is part of an overhaul that was announced Thursday by Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, that also includes a redesigned mobile site, new user interface and a new way for people to use their smartphones.

Facebook is now rolling out the new login system in Europe, Canada, Australia and the U.S. It will go live in those countries in early October, and will be rolled out to more countries as it gets approval from regulators.

“People are not going to use mobile in places where they can’t make a payment, and they’re not going, ‘Oh, I can’t go to Starbucks because I can only pay with my phone,'” said Andrew McAfee, the head of Facebook’s Payments team.

The change will allow people to make purchases online on Facebook.

“This is not the end of the road for mobile payments.

We’re still committed to enabling people to pay with their phones for the most important part of their day: shopping,” McAfee said.

Facebook said it will work with governments and regulators around the world to improve the process for people who do not have a smartphone to make payments and secure them online.

Facebook will offer payment options, such as using mobile banking apps or other mobile payment options.

The new system is designed to work across the globe and can be used by millions of people in countries where there is no mobile payment system.

It is being rolled out across Facebook’s mobile payments teams in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, according to a company blog post.

“Facebook Pay will be the first global mobile payment solution that is completely transparent and secure.

It provides the convenience, speed and security that people have come to expect from Facebook,” Zuckerberg wrote.

Facebook plans to add more countries to the new mobile payment model in the coming months, as well as other mobile-based payment services such as Uber and PayPal.

“Mobile payments are a growing industry in the U to offer convenient, fast, secure and cheap payment options for customers around the globe,” said Adam Green, chief executive of Facebook Payments, in a statement.

“We are making this change so we can support and encourage more people to accept mobile payments on Facebook.”

The move to make mobile payments more secure will help to address the growing concerns of the U, which is among the most vulnerable countries to fraud.

Facebook has faced criticism from U.N. agencies, as has the U.-China Free Trade Agreement (CFA), which has allowed Chinese merchants to undercut U., Canadian and Australian payment companies.

Facebook, which has over $1 billion in annual revenue, said in a regulatory filing that its new mobile payments system would help reduce the risk of fraud by allowing customers to choose payment providers that are trusted by their customers and are based in their home country.

“There are a lot of people out there who want to pay on Facebook, and we are making it easier to do so.

And, when we do, we want to make sure we do it right,” Mcdonald said.

“I think there’s a huge amount of people, including Facebook, who want this change to happen, and I think this is a huge win for consumers.”

The change to mobile payments will be similar to the way it works for other products.

For example, Amazon has been rolling out payment options in the United States since last summer.

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Trump says his $5 trillion infrastructure plan will create 1.3 million jobs in two years, but workers fear it won’t hit them first

October 14, 2021 Comments Off on Trump says his $5 trillion infrastructure plan will create 1.3 million jobs in two years, but workers fear it won’t hit them first By admin

The president on Thursday reiterated his long-promised plan to create 1 million new jobs in the next two years in a speech to a joint session of Congress, despite an announcement earlier in the day that it was going to be postponed due to the economic crisis.

Trump called the plan “historic” and said it will create more than 1.1 million jobs over a period of three years, according to a transcript obtained by the Associated Press.

He said it would be financed by $5.4 trillion in infrastructure spending that the Trump administration has already promised to fund in its first 100 days in office.

“It’s going to create jobs, and it’s going not only to create a lot of jobs, but it’s also going to add to the wealth of the country,” Trump said at a joint press conference with Vice President Mike Pence in the Capitol.

The infrastructure plan is expected to be one of the first things Trump signs into law as president on Friday, when he and his Cabinet begin drafting the blueprint.

Trump promised to announce the plan this week.

The president also promised that construction of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border would be finished by 2019.

“We’re going to build the wall and it will be finished in 2019,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office on Thursday.

The White House said in a statement Thursday that the plan is “still under development and would not be completed in time for the November elections.”

Trump also called for an “open” border, which some of his supporters have suggested would be easier for undocumented immigrants to cross.

But Trump’s plans to build a wall and a border wall were met with widespread criticism, including from his own party and congressional Democrats.

Trump said Thursday that construction on the wall would begin “in the next few months” and that it would “only cost tens of billions of dollars” compared to the costs of building a wall across the border.

Trump has promised to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget over the next decade.

“I am going to cut the budget of every department in America, because it is costing a fortune,” Trump declared during a campaign rally in May.

He also said he would cut back on military spending, saying that “we’re going back to our military” to handle the border wall.

In an interview with The Associated Press in January, Trump said that he would be “back to the military” if elected.

The administration has yet to offer details of the plan to build or fund the wall.

The Republican-led Congress and the Trump White House have also faced criticism for not doing enough to help workers affected by the economic recession.

The number of unemployed Americans has risen to record levels in the past year, and some experts say that a significant portion of the nation’s workers are now relying on temporary, part-time jobs to make ends meet.

New Zealand’s claims in disputed waters as Indonesia and New Zealand clash

October 14, 2021 Comments Off on New Zealand’s claims in disputed waters as Indonesia and New Zealand clash By admin

New Zealand has claimed the exclusive economic zone of the South China Sea as part of its territorial claims, as the Indonesian-Nigeria-Australia-US alliance is expected to be launched in coming days.

The claim, which is being contested in the international arbitration tribunal in The Hague, comes as the alliance is to begin military exercises off the coasts of the Philippines and Vietnam next week, as it tries to counter Chinese aggression in the region.

It is also a sign that New Zealand and Indonesia have been working to expand their maritime claims.

The claims were made in a joint statement in the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Friday by the foreign ministers of Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as the foreign ministry of New Zealand.

They stated: “The South China sea has been the scene of significant international and regional disputes over the last three decades, including the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute in the East China Sea, as has the South Taiwan Strait dispute, the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands dispute, and the Spratly Islands dispute.

The South East Asian countries are also seeking to expand the territorial waters of the region.”

They added: “As an independent nation, we have a right to peacefully conduct and conduct operations in the South East Asia, including our Exclusive Economic Zone, to address the challenges posed by rising tensions in the area.”

Indonesia, a member of the AU, has made similar claims in the Indian Ocean.

The US and the Philippines are both members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a grouping of about 40 countries.

The AU is an independent grouping of regional nations with the exception of the US and Russia, which are members of Nato.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said that the AU should be reformed to include all nations.

“This is an issue that needs to be addressed,” he told reporters.

“We want to change the AU.

We need a new AU.

There is no one person who is responsible for it.”

Indias claim to the South Sea is disputed by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The ASEAN alliance was established in 2012 and has a permanent membership of 15 countries.

India, which has its own claim to part of the disputed South ChinaSea, has consistently said it is entitled to take part in the AU’s maritime exercises.

In October, the foreign minister of Indonesia, Hadi Awang, said that his country was ready to participate in the exercise as long as there was no conflict.

New Zealand has repeatedly said it will participate in joint military exercises with countries in the grouping, but has not yet stated which countries are expected to take up the challenge.

The New Zealand Defence Force has said it would not take part.

Earlier this month, the New Zealand prime minister, John Key, made a point of emphasising that he did not consider his country’s claims to the disputed waters of Indonesia to be disputed.

“The South Sea region has been contested for many years.

This is a matter of fact.

This South Sea Region is a part of our country’s history,” he said.

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How the state unemployment rate has dropped from 17.3% to 10.4% in just five years

October 13, 2021 Comments Off on How the state unemployment rate has dropped from 17.3% to 10.4% in just five years By admin

When I joined the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity in January, it was the first job-creation agency in the state to have a digital assistant, an office where they could send job applications and make phone calls with an iPad, a computer and a pen.

The digital assistant was a big deal because it helped them cut through the bureaucratic red tape that was plaguing the agency’s website.

Now the state has one, too.

But as the unemployment rate continues to fall, that assistant may not be as useful.

Here’s why.

Statewide, the unemployment is at a record low of 8.6%, down from 10.9% in November.

It’s not because people are working fewer hours or staying home less.

But it’s because Florida is the first state in the country to eliminate the “unemployed” label in its unemployment rate.

The new, revised rate is what it was before.

For Florida, the new rate is the lowest in nearly a decade.

But that doesn’t mean Florida’s job market is healthier.

That’s because it’s a “continuous recovery,” meaning that more people are employed and looking for work.

But in many states, like New York and Texas, the job market has been weakening and the unemployment rates remain high.

And that’s where the data has some interesting lessons.

In December, The Wall Street Journal published a story titled “Jobless Rates Rise in U.S. in January as Job Creation Still Slow.”

That article detailed a massive drop in unemployment that was “the most dramatic since December 2008.”

The unemployment rate rose to 7.9%.

It was the lowest rate since June 2011.

But the story also noted that the “number of people seeking jobs has fallen in each of the past five months, to the lowest level since March 2011.”

That means Florida is experiencing a “recovered job market.”

The reason for the recovery is simple: the economy has been growing and the economy is creating jobs.

The problem is, most Americans don’t realize that the economy isn’t growing.

Instead, they see it growing slowly, slowly and steadily.

The WSJ article cited a study by the Economic Policy Institute and The Urban Institute, both nonpartisan economic think tanks, that found the unemployment increase is due to a decline in workers’ wages.

But what economists don’t tell Americans is that the number of people receiving government benefits and the number receiving unemployment benefits have also declined, as the WSJ piece pointed out.

For example, in January 2017, the U.N. Department of Labor released the first data set to measure the number and rate of people out of work, which showed the unemployment level in Florida had dropped from 13.9 percent in November to 7 percent in January.

That number is also down from October 2016 when the unemployment was 12.5 percent.

The U.C. San Diego Labor Center report also pointed out that “the number of part-time workers employed by employers has fallen over the past year.”

That includes people who were hired by companies that had laid off employees.

In December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment for people working part-timers fell from 9.2 percent to 7% over the same period.

So why is it that the U-verse of the UBS Group has been so successful at finding new workers?

One of the main reasons is that they’ve been able to hire more of them.

“The reason is that when the economy slows down, when people can’t find work, they look for another job,” said Matt D’Alessandro, a senior economist at UBS.

He said there’s been a lot of churn at the job-creating industries in Florida.

But, he said, the numbers are looking positive.

The good news is that Florida has found ways to attract and retain more people than ever before.

According to the UCCS, the state’s economy added a record-high 5.6 million jobs last year, which is the second-largest increase in the nation behind only California.

That growth is being driven by the fact that many of the companies that were hiring people before have gone out of business.

Florida’s economy also saw a significant increase in people in their 20s and 30s who are currently looking for jobs.

But while the state is looking to attract more people, the good news isn’t limited to Florida.

The U.K. also has a booming economy and many companies have already laid off workers.

But according to The Economist, Britain has seen its unemployment drop from 9% in October to just 5.5% now.

That means the UBR Group has found another reason to be optimistic.

“There are so many good jobs, there is so much opportunity,” D’Angelo said.

“But I think if we all just worked together we could make the most of it.”

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How to sign in to an Apple TV with Google Play and UX app reader

October 12, 2021 Comments Off on How to sign in to an Apple TV with Google Play and UX app reader By admin

This article may contain affiliate links.

See our disclosure policy for more details. 

This article was originally published by The Verge  on August 3, 2017, with the headline “How to sign up to Apple TV from Google Play, Google TV app, or UX” and a link to the app. Thanks to louisforallen for the tip.

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How to manage unemployment from an iPhone app

October 12, 2021 Comments Off on How to manage unemployment from an iPhone app By admin

The iPhone has been used by millions of people in the UK since the 1980s, and it’s been used to do a lot more than just get a job.

Here are five ways that it can be used to help you get on the job.


Check your email When you receive an email from a potential employer, check that it’s legitimate and that it has been approved by the HR department.

You may need to check the sender’s name and the address, and make sure that your details match the details on the email.

The easiest way to check if you’ve got a valid email address is to click on the “I accept” button, then click “Sign up”.

If your email address has not been changed by then, it probably isn’t from an approved organisation.

If it is, then you should update your account with the company.

You can also check your account balance on the phone using the app, or check your bank account with your mobile provider.

If you don’t receive an approved email address from an employer, you’ll probably need to go back and contact them yourself.


Read your email The more information you give to the company, the more likely it is they’ll accept your application.

If they don’t, you may need another person to sign on.

If that person isn’t a HR professional, then your email will probably not be approved.

This is why it’s a good idea to read your email regularly to ensure that the HR team understands what you have to say.

You’ll also want to check your spam folder and if you receive any unsolicited messages.

If your employer has a spam filter on their site, you can set it to block any messages from people not authorised to receive them.


Make sure you’re on the right track If you have already completed the application process, it may take them longer to approve your application because they’re not familiar with the requirements.

You could try to contact them in person or by email, but if that fails, you could try another method, such as contacting your local Labour market agency or the Employers’ Advice Centre (a branch of the Work and Pensions Department).

The Jobcentre Plus website has a number of tips on how to find out more about the application procedure.

You also need to make sure you have your local council’s contact details, as they may have been notified of the application.


Check the local jobcentre If you haven’t already, go to your local Jobcentrie and check that the job is currently open and open for work.

If the job hasn’t been open for some time, or it’s not being advertised, you might be asked to apply for a new job.

If not, go back to your application and check again.


Check in with your local councillor If you’re applying for a job and it hasn’t already been advertised, go and ask your local authority if they can help you apply.

If no one is available to assist you, go ahead and make a formal application.

This could involve: calling the local council to see if they have the authority to help apply for an open job; sending a letter to the local authority outlining the details of your application; or submitting a formal claim to the relevant local authority.

It’s important to make a claim within 10 working days of the job opening, but it may be longer if the job opens up again in the future.

This can be done on the Jobcentrate Plus website or by calling 0300 123 3030.

Find out more: What to do if you’re a UK-based jobseeker applying for another job If you’ve been applying for the same job for a long time, your local job centre will probably be the best place to find work.

You should ask for a referral from your local branch to a local authority before you apply, as there may be a shortage of jobs.

In some cases, the local branch will contact you directly.

Find your local employment agency by visiting the Employment Agency directory.

It can give you information about available positions and job openings.

If a job is available, they will ask you for more information, such of your qualifications and any relevant references.

If there aren’t any available jobs in your area, you should consider applying elsewhere.

5 Tips for handling a bad job interview The key to a good job interview is to make it as awkward as possible.

Try to make the interview as casual as possible and use the app to check on your surroundings, as well as to make notes.

You might also want a friend or colleague to record your answers.

If things go badly, make sure the person you’re interviewing is also prepared to help.

They may be able to help if they’ve been on the premises and can provide you with their phone number and contact details.

Make your voice heard If you feel you’ve already been treated badly, you need to take a few minutes to make your voice known to your interviewer.

This may include shouting or raising your voice. You

How to watch live online coverage of the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a law restricting the public display of gay marriage

October 10, 2021 Comments Off on How to watch live online coverage of the US Supreme Court’s decision to strike down a law restricting the public display of gay marriage By admin

An online tool designed to track the coverage of any state’s high court in real time is making it easier for users to find out how the court is doing in the public interest.

The tool, which allows users to monitor state court decisions from the US Constitution and other sources, lets users view the court’s vote and court decisions on issues from same-sex marriage to the fate of the Affordable Care Act, as well as the fate, status and future of state and local governments.

The tool has already been used to track court decisions that have ruled against LGBT rights in states like Alabama and Alabama State, according to the Washington Post.

Users can also see which court has issued decisions that do not explicitly protect the rights of LGBT people.

The tool, known as a “basket of rights” index, was created by the Equal Justice Initiative, a group dedicated to advancing equal rights for all Americans.

One of the indexes’ most prominent features is the number of times a state has been included in the index, according a news release from the group.

The group has previously used the tool to track judicial decisions that were critical to the passage of LGBT-inclusive laws, and to track which state’s Supreme Court has voted to strike them down.

The index has also helped users find out whether the court has voted in favor of a bill that protects transgender people from discrimination in the workplace.

Users will be able to filter by a wide range of topics and find the court that has issued the most notable cases related to those issues.

The states that have been included on the index have included a wide array of issues that are at the center of the current legal battles, including the Defense of Marriage Act, gay marriage, the Affordable Health Care Act and the fate and future fate of government agencies.

The court has already taken a number of actions that will benefit LGBT people, including striking down an Arizona law that would have forced transgender people to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity, striking down a Utah law that forced people to provide a sex-change operation or a measure of consent in cases of rape or incest, and striking down legislation that would prohibit local governments from passing laws that discriminate against LGBT people in housing, employment and public accommodations.

As the legal battles unfold, the Equality Index can be used to help monitor the progress of the court on these issues, as they take shape.

“The equality index is a powerful tool for the LGBT community to track how courts are advancing our rights and protecting our rights, as it tracks the progress on equality in the United States,” said David Williams, executive director of the Equality Initiative.

“It will provide our community with a sense of what the Supreme Court is thinking and what is being done to protect our civil rights, and we are excited to be able use this tool to help make sure all Americans have equal access to the legal protections they deserve.”

The Equality Index is now available in five different countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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US and other Western nations push back on Trump administration over Yemen crackdown

October 9, 2021 Comments Off on US and other Western nations push back on Trump administration over Yemen crackdown By admin

Washington and other western nations have been increasingly aggressive in their support for the Houthi rebels who control much of Yemen.

In response, the Houthis have stepped up the repression and targeted US and allied countries.

Al Jazeera’s Mark Lowen reports from Sanaa.


How to claim the full $100K in Oregon benefits

October 8, 2021 Comments Off on How to claim the full $100K in Oregon benefits By admin

The federal government is offering $100,000 in Oregon federal unemployment benefits to anyone who’s worked in Oregon and is eligible for unemployment benefits.

The Oregon Department of Labor (ODL) said it received about 8,000 applications from Oregon employees.

The state announced the expansion of the Oregon Unemployment Insurance program in January, and now offers $100.50 per month for those who work in Oregon.

People can claim the benefits up to a maximum of $250,000.

They can also get the maximum of three weeks of unemployment benefits if they work for an Oregon-based company that has at least 20 employees.

The federal program covers part-time workers and people with disabilities, with benefits for those earning up to $45,000 per year.

Employees who work for a small or medium business can receive benefits of up to two weeks of benefits, up to 50 percent of the employee’s pay, and up to 80 percent of their annual income.

For a person who works in a business with fewer than 20 employees, the maximum benefit is $100 per month.

People who work full-time for at least one month can claim $10,000 and can claim benefits for two months.

If they work a full year, they can claim up to 10 weeks of pay.

The ODL said Oregon unemployment benefits are not for people who are receiving benefits but have no other sources of income.

Oregon is the fifth state to offer benefits.

The Oregon Department to date has distributed about 4.5 million benefits to more than 13.7 million Oregonians.

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We found a missing girl who went missing over Christmas

October 8, 2021 Comments Off on We found a missing girl who went missing over Christmas By admin We found a woman who went Missing over Christmas and she is missing now.

A family member says the 19-year-old was last seen on the weekend of November 30, at her parents’ house in Northbridge.

Police said she had a small amount of alcohol on her and a history of drug use, and she was last contacted by her mother on Christmas Day.

Her father and brother have since been contacted.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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