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When will the Football Italy payout end?

July 29, 2021 Comments Off on When will the Football Italy payout end? By admin

Italia – A Football Italian official has said that the Football In italy official payment of €30m (€32m in UK dollars) will end after a month.

The payment was made to the authorities in March and was intended to ensure the end of the FIFA transfer ban that has seen the governing body suspend the football federation for two months.

Italian Football Federation president Angelo Beccaria told a press conference on Wednesday that the payment would end at the end, but was interrupted by a security guard.

“The payment is ending at the last minute,” Beccarelli said.

“We can’t say what will happen, we have to wait for the decision from the government, the Football Federation of the Footballing World.”

The official announcement of the payment to the FA came a day after the country’s football authorities issued an apology for not having been able to complete the payment by the deadline.

“Football has been very difficult in recent days and days of the ban, and there have been many incidents of abuse of the situation,” Becca said.

The announcement followed an outcry on social media over the suspension of the governing bodies FIFA and the UEFA.

“I’m very disappointed,” the official who spoke to Sport Italia said, adding that he was in a position to make the payment on the first day of the suspension.

“For me, it’s a good thing that it’s been done in such a short time, because it means that football has been reinstated in a way that I don’t think it ever was before.”

Beccari added that it was “an honour to have this money in my pocket, and to have the support of the people who were behind the fight to have a fair and peaceful transfer ban in place.”

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