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When Will It Be Called? – U.S. Claims of Chemical Attacks in Indias Past Are a ‘False Flag’

August 21, 2021 Comments Off on When Will It Be Called? – U.S. Claims of Chemical Attacks in Indias Past Are a ‘False Flag’ By admin

U.N. inspectors investigating the Aug. 21 attack claimed that chemical weapons were used in a Syrian chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of people, including infants and children, according to a draft of a U.K. report released Thursday.

The report, the first of its kind in the U.L.G.A.M. system, said it is “highly likely” that the Aug.-23 attack, which the United States and Syria deny were used, was carried out by the Syrian government.

But it added that the report was based on “limited and incomplete information.”

The report was drafted by the U:B.T. team of inspectors who were dispatched to Syria after chemical weapons attacks by Russia, Iran and Turkey were blamed for the Aug-23 attack.

The U.B.B., which has an international mandate to conduct the investigation, has said it believes the Aug of attack was carried by the Assad regime.

The British government is also investigating.

In a draft report obtained by Reuters on Thursday, the UB.

L., the British team said it was “highly unlikely” the Aug attack was perpetrated by Syrian forces and that there was “no credible evidence” to back up U.s claims that Syrian forces had used chemical weapons.

The team was tasked with verifying U.n. allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria.

It was led by a former British diplomat and the report said it “was not clear” what was said by the senior U.U.

N official, Dr. Richard Kemp, who had briefed the UL.

B.: “The team had received no evidence of chemical use by the Syrians during the Aug., and no evidence that the Syrians were using chemical weapons during the incident.”

A spokesman for the U.:B.

team said he was not authorized to discuss the draft report publicly.

The government and U.W. said they are not planning to seek the Ulsarat (U.S.-sponsored) investigation into the Aug incident.

The United States said it has concluded its investigation and is awaiting the results of that investigation.

It also said it would continue to cooperate with the U,B.O. and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the investigation.

In an emailed statement, a U:W.

official said the team has no plans to seek Ulsararat investigation and that the UU has completed its work.

“As the team concluded its work and the UN. provided all the information needed, there is no need to revisit the issue,” the UW official said.

In Syria, the United Nations has accused Syrian government forces of using chemical warfare against opposition forces in the country’s civil war.

In the aftermath of the Aug, the government has said chemical weapons had been used, and President Donald Trump has blamed the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, for the attack.

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Microsoft claims it’s “back from the dead” in Android security report

August 7, 2021 Comments Off on Microsoft claims it’s “back from the dead” in Android security report By admin

Microsoft has admitted to security flaws that allowed a remote attacker to gain control of an Android phone.

The vulnerabilities were disclosed in a security bulletin last week, which described a “remote code execution vulnerability” in the Android security framework.

Microsoft’s own researchers identified the flaws and reported them in a blog post published today, noting that they were the first of their kind in the company’s mobile platform.

The company said in its statement that the flaws have been fixed and that it is working to roll them out to other Windows and OS X devices as well as Android phones.

The bug was disclosed on March 15, but Microsoft has yet to make any public announcement about the flaws, and the company has yet not publicly disclosed them publicly.

“This vulnerability affects Android devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and later versions, and Microsoft has not disclosed the exact nature of the vulnerability,” Microsoft said in the statement.

“Microsoft will work with affected device manufacturers to improve the security of the devices they ship, as well to address the impact on their users.”

The flaw could allow a remote, remote attacker with root privileges on a vulnerable device to execute arbitrary code.

The vulnerability was discovered by a researcher with the security firm McAfee.

McAfee said it had confirmed the existence of the flaws through a detailed examination of a test device that was released to the public.

The firm said that Microsoft’s patch has been applied to all Android devices it tested and that no devices have yet been identified that have been affected by the vulnerability.

“We have confirmed that the Microsoft Android Security Framework is fully working on devices running Microsoft Android 5 and later,” McAfee said in a statement.

Microsoft has not said when it will begin rolling out the fix.

However, the vulnerability was previously disclosed in an advisory released in March 2016, but was not included in that document.

The advisory also stated that Microsoft has patched some of the bugs in the framework, but the patch is not available for all devices.

Microsoft said that the latest patch, which is “based on fixes in Android Security Update for Android 5” and which it said was “released by Microsoft and available for download now, should address the following issues.”

“We are aware of a security vulnerability affecting a small subset of devices that have not yet been publicly disclosed,” the company said.

“We are working with affected OEMs to ensure that this issue is resolved in their devices.”


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