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Check ui Benefits for FLORIDA Online Residents

September 25, 2021 Comments Off on Check ui Benefits for FLORIDA Online Residents By admin

UIs for all FLORIDA residents and visitors, including Florida, Florida’s Medicaid, Medicare and other programs are online at the Florida Department of Health.

Some of those online services include:Florida Health Insurance Information Center (FHIIC)

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New Zealand’s Maumuui Claims He Was Accused of Sex Crimes

August 24, 2021 Comments Off on New Zealand’s Maumuui Claims He Was Accused of Sex Crimes By admin

New Zealand says a Maumui woman who claimed she was raped by an overseas Chinese man has filed a claim of sexual assault, but says her account was not authentic.

Maumuaui, a village near the city of Ngurahin, was home to the Uighur community when a Chinese tourist raped her in August, a woman in her 50s named Sukhbir told the New Zealand Herald.

“She [the victim] said the man had been in a relationship with her for two or three years and she was trying to leave it,” she told the newspaper.

“But he wouldn’t let her.

He would say no to her leaving and that he would rape her again.

She had been raped in her house, not in a taxi.”

Sukhdul’s claim of rape is being examined by a criminal investigation team, but the New York Times reported that it will not be prosecuted for fear of compromising the investigation.

The woman said she was taken to the man’s home and raped after she returned to the village after a three-month break.

She said the incident happened on a busy street in Ngurathia, Ngurawai.

Sukhdhul is in the country on a visitor visa.

The man, who she identified only as “M” and said was not her husband, was not immediately identified by New Zealand authorities.

Suhdul told the Times the man told her, “I’m going to rape you again.”

“I asked him if he was going to kill me, he said yes.

I said, ‘If I kill you, I will get married again,'” Sukhbhul told a New Zealand TV station.

“He said, I don’t want to marry you, but I am going to do it to you again.

He asked me to go to the kitchen and give him my money.

He took the money and took me out of the house and raped me again.”

She told the media she was not in good health, but said she did not feel threatened by the attack.

“I am so scared because I have to go home and work every day and I have no money to buy a new pair of shoes,” Sukhsul told reporters.

“If I had gone to the police, I would have been shot.”

Suhsul, who is originally from China but grew up in New Zealand, said she felt unsafe as a result of her rape.

“My brother has been living in Nguru for five years.

I can’t talk to him, because he is scared of me,” she said.

The incident has also caused a rift in Maumaru’s Uighura community, which was split over whether the man was a legitimate Uighurat who could have married her.

“The Uighurs don’t think this is fair,” Maumaui’s daughter said.

“It is our culture to take the law into our own hands.

We don’t like it when a foreigner rapes and the police don’t act.”

The Maumus have long complained about discrimination in New York City, where they are a minority.

New York Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Ciaccia said police were not looking into the case.

“We don’t comment on the ethnicity or gender of a victim,” Ciaccio told ABC News.

“There are no known gang rapes or crimes of violence involving gangs in New Yorks history.”

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